Richard Franke accused of being a CIA agent

RAJESH ROY rajeshcherian at
Mon Jul 7 05:52:53 MDT 2003

Hello all, 

I write from the Indian state of Kerala.

This is regarding a controversy doing the rounds in
the local press nowadays....

Dr. Richard Franke of the Montclair State University,
a famous anthropologist, along with his wife Barbara
Chasin, have been accused of being CIA agents snooping
in on the development strategies being adopted in
Kerala ..

The allegation was raised by a person who is estranged
with the progressive movement here, and it is clear
that the allegations are baseless.  However the
bourgeoisie newspapers are celebrating the

A local development initiative was launched under the
initiative of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)
in Kerala under the name "People's plan campaign" way
back in 1996 when the party was in power. Under the
plan, 35% of the state plan was allotted to the local
self-governments at the "panchayat" or village levels.
The local self-governing bodies were given the freedom
to use the money in projects of local relevance and
approval. Dr. T.M. Thomas Isaac , a Party member was
the over-all in-charge of the campaign. Thomas Isaac
and Richard Franke have worked together in a number of
local self-governance issues, and Franke has visited
the state frequently to study the peoples plan
campaign.. The peoples plan campaign was objected to
by the bourgeoisie parties and newspapers from the
very beginning..

and these same bourgeoisie newspapers are now trying
to make an issue out of a non-issue.. it is really
funny to see how the pen-pushers for these media are
obliging their masters..

sensing that the public isn't buying into their
falsehoods, the vitriol has sofetened somewhat now..


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