Nigerian police shoots dead at least ten protestors in Lagos

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Mon Jul 7 09:11:24 MDT 2003

While according to the BBC the strike was holding in Lagos and Abuja despite
the withdrawal of white-collar union central TUC, serious clashes between
police and protestors errupted in Lagos.

"It has been confirmed that police have killed over 10 people in Lagos,"
strike leader Adams Oshiomhole told a news conference in Abuja. "This is
despicable and unacceptable."

AFP reports, vigilante groups armed with machetes and firearms attacked
strikers who had blocked a main high higway pursuing them into a nearby
housing estate.

Meanwhile the government reduced the oil price raise to 34 Nairas (from 35).
The union leadership will be discussing the offer later today.


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