Into Africa

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Mon Jul 7 11:17:17 MDT 2003

> Boy George leaves DC today for his grand tour of Africa-Senegal, Uganda,
> Botswana, South Africa, and...Nigeria.

And the Pentagon has its own wishes:

Pentagon Seeking New Access Pacts for Africa Bases

WASHINGTON, July 4 - The United States military is seeking to expand its
presence in the Arab countries of northern Africa and in sub-Saharan Africa
through new basing agreements and training exercises intended to combat a
growing terrorist threat in the region.
Even as military planners prepare options for American troops to join an
international peacekeeping force to oversee a cease-fire in Liberia, the
Pentagon wants to enhance military ties with allies like Morocco and
It is also seeking to gain long-term access to bases in countries like Mali
and Algeria, which American forces could use for periodic training or to
strike terrorists. And it aims to build on aircraft refueling agreements in
places like Senegal and Uganda, two countries that President Bush is to
visit on his five-nation swing through Africa that begins on Tuesday.

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