How and why oppose Australian military ties with Indonesia

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Mon Jul 7 17:41:27 MDT 2003

>>The statement doesn't call on the Australian state to *do* anything,
rather not do something, i.e. not train and aid the TNI.<<

Not quite true. It calls on the Australian state to  "Press the Indonesian
government to end the military operations in Aceh and to resolve the
conflict by means of peaceful dialogue."

This reproduces the mistake that stopped me signing the earlier statement.
It plays into the general imperialist mentality that "we" the western
democratic good guys should apply pressure on benighted third world states
to do the right thing. From here it is not so far to "humanitarian"
intervention. It also reflects the fact that the forces fighting against
oppression have illusions in imperialism, and hope the west will bail them
out. We should not reinforce that.

Further, it encourages the illusion that "dialogue" is the solution
(really? look at Palestine!)-- when in fact the solution is to get the
troops out.

Like Nick, I don't want to bad mouth the people who wrote the statement.
They do a lot of good things and the statement is 99% correct. But ideas
matter, and on this point their ideas are confused.

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