Australian left history

Ozleft ozleft at
Mon Jul 7 18:50:48 MDT 2003

Ozleft has just
posted some out-of-print or hard-to-get material on
the history of the Australian DSP and ISO.

The Politics of the DSP and ISO, by Chris Gaffney, is a two-part
piece on the response of these organisations to the rise and fall of
Gorbachev and the break-up of the Soviet Union. It was written in

Sectarianism and the Socialist Workers Party, by George Petersen, is
an extract from his memoir, George Petersen Remembers, published in
1989. It mainly focuses on the 1982 elections in the Federated
Ironworkers Association, and particularly the Wollongong steelworks,
where the DSP (then the SWP) ran under the name, Militant Action

The Socialist Workers League and the NSW Socialist Left, also an
extract from George Petersen's memoir, concerns the SWL's role in
attempts to form a Socialist Left in the NSW ALP in 1971.

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