Widening aggression against semicolonial peoples, and a question about Indonesia

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Mon Jul 7 21:04:37 MDT 2003

Despite our disagreements I have great respect for Max Lane's knowledge of
Indonesian affairs. He writes (my numbering):

>>1. I think that the US has very little confidence in the
current TNI leadership... 2. The TNI is, in fact,
quite small, with an even smaller well-armed and trained
 3. I think that US imperialism's concern is that current TNI
policy is actually SPREADING instability.<<

I would respond:

1. Maybe, but who else are they going to look to? Australia, in any case,
is closer to them than the Americans.
2. It's relative. What other organised force could possibly match the TNI?
Plus it has many proxies.
3. Both can be and are true: this is the perenniel dilemma of relying on
armed force. The American forces in Iraq are also "spreading instability",
but what other means does Washington have of trying to establish control?

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