Strike called off in Nigeria

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Tue Jul 8 01:00:50 MDT 2003

Nigerian Unions Suspend Strike After Fuel Deal
Tue July 8, 2003 01:59 AM ET
ABUJA (Reuters) - Nigeria's unions said on Tuesday they were calling off a
week-long general strike over fuel prices after reaching a deal with the
The leaders of the umbrella Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) issued a statement
at the end of an all-night union meeting saying they were ending the strike
in order to alleviate the suffering ordinary people had gone through.

"Given the sacrifices and deprivations which Nigerians have had to make and
contend with over the days, the CWC (Central Working Committee) has the
compelling duty to avail the people some relief by suspending the strike
action," a CWC communique said.

"Having also compelled the federal government to back down and reduce the
(fuel) price from 40 naira to 34 naira per liter, the nationwide strike
action and mass protest is suspended."

The NLC had earlier said the strike it launched on June 30 would continue
until President Olusegun Obasanjo agreed to lower his compromise price from
35 naira (27 U.S. cents) a liter to 32 naira.

The unions had come under pressure, even from sympathetic politicians, to
end the strike after riots and economic hardship.


BBC report:

Nigerian papers are reporting in detail yesterdays clashes:

Strike reports from elsewhere in Nigeria
Cross Rivers and Anambra:


All these reports show that the strike was standing firm.

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