Why the goverment of Japan wants to help occupy Iraq

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 8 01:11:56 MDT 2003

After reading a typically uninformed discussion on
Duff Henwood's LBO Talk list, I thought I'd start up
something here. That doesn't mean all the posts on
LBOT were uninformed, but the discussion yielded
little insight. Still, it went better than it might
have had a certain dim bulb showed up to shine his
feeble light.

First, Yoshie F. rightly pointed out that this was the
doing of Koizumi and his government, and that most
Japanese wouldn't support such a move if asked. But
then again, it isn't like they are protesting such a
move in massive numbers. So what people say and what
people allow to happen are often two different things.
Government by default, if you will.

Second, no one on old Duff's list made any connections
at all with the ongoing situation in Iran. Japan has
had good relations with Iran, relatively speaking. And
has wanted to go foward with a multi-billion dollar
project to develop and secure oil supplies from Iran.

The US has just stepped in and said, given the axis of
evil and WMD things, you had better not. You

So perhaps the deal is, if Japan commits a token force
to the occupation of Iraq, the US might help (or at
least not directly obstruct) Japan getting more stable
and diverse oil supplies. How tense do things actually
feel now, if you read the US'songoing rhetoric war
against Iran? Situation under control at the national
security state. Another Iranian oil project delayed.
One ally brought even more integrally into the
strategic protection racket.

Also, Tokyo is looking forward to a summer of brown
outs due to the deterioration of TEPCO's nuclear power
plants, so more oil-burning plants looks to be one of
the easiest short-to-mid-term solutions. It can't get
them unless it cooperates with the US.

Charles Jannuzi
Fukui, Japan



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