Australia's new colonialism -- Green Left weekly #545 July 9, 2003

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Green Left Weekly,
Australia's socialist newspaper
Issue #545
July 9, 2003

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an 
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: Solomons intervention: John Howard's new colonialism

The Howard government decision to send 1500 Australian troops and 150 
armed federal police to the Solomon Islands is being presented in the 
corporate media as aimed at helping a Pacific island neighbor to end 
massive lawlessness. Green Left Weekly explains why it is actually an 
exercise in Australian colonialism.

* Solomons intervention: Australia's new colonialism
* Solomons: Troops should not go

* John Pilger: Bush's Vietnam
* PALESTINE: Saadat: Our quest is a democratic and free society

* WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION: Agricultural talks enter crucial stage
* THAI SOLIDARITY: Drug user activists tackle the Thai terror
* IRAN: US blocks Tehran-Tokyo oil deal
* IRAQ: US occupation troops losing morale
* BRITAIN: WMD scandal causes Labour poll slump
* VENEZUELA: Chavez challenges the US
* INDONESIA: TNI's vicious little war in Aceh — what's really at stake?
* CONGO: Companies profit amid genocide
* NIGERIA: General strike to continue
* UNITED STATES: Sabzali conviction overturned, new trial ordered
* FRANCE: Three thousand voices for Bove
* HONG KONG: Mass protest against 'anti-sedition' law
* SCOTLAND: SSY: giving voice to young socialists
* SCOTLAND: Union backs socialists
* BRITAIN: Finucane investigation flawed

* Arms and the economy
* ASIO's new laws an Orwellian nightmare
* A woman's place is in the struggle: Howard's misogynist attacks on the 
Family Court
* WA prostitution control bill dumped
* Rebuilding the MUA
* Aceh's failed peace process

* Protests mark US Independence Day
* NSW police shut down film showing
* Support justice and peace in Asia
* Morris McMahon strikers victorious
* Media attacks union solidarity
* Public forum to discuss Afghan and Iraqi women's struggles
* Save the Styx
* Illawarra TAFE workers impose fee-collection ban
* Che's daughter: `We need a new political order'
* The battle to save Jamieson Park
* Workers defy bosses dirty money
* Coalition budget opposed
* Ridge campaigners to protest at ALP conference
* MP speaks on US war in Philippines

* MIFF: world citizen
* Women rip it up at Taos poetry circus 2003
* Big Brother is watching you: The predictions of George Orwell
* Michael Franti: Modern day prophet
* On the box
* Che Guevara investigating the legend

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