Who/what is "dms"

Walter Lippmann walterlx at enet.cu
Tue Jul 8 13:43:30 MDT 2003

I'm also curious as to what DMS
stands for politically. I'm a former
member of the US SWP who now
prioritizes activity in opposition to
the US blockade of Cuba. That's
the center of my political activity
and thought in the new millenium.

I was in the YSA-SWP from 1962
to 1983, an offshoot called FIT until
88, and have been happily without
such organizational affilation since
1988. If DMS would please provide
a structurally similar self-description,
that would be greatly appreciated.


Jose G. Perez asks: So I was wondering
if anyone could tell me who/what this DMS
is and what he/she/it represents politically.


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