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DMS dmschanoes at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 8 08:21:26 MDT 2003

I wanted to say:  "I refer the honorable gentleman to my
previous reply"--, but I thought that might be churlish of
me, and I wouldn't want to be known as churlish.

Began leftist work with SNCC in 1965.  Worked on Open
Housing Drive in Chicago, summer of '66.  Joined SDS,
worked in Ann Arbor and Detroit with SDS-- personally
friendly with the Weathermen faction, not politically.
It wasn't the fighting I objected to, that was and can
be great fun, but their politics were based on ignorance.

Note to above:  Had great fun in Detroit beating the hell
out of some Breakthrough clowns who attacked a demonstration.

Never friendly with Jared Israel and the WSA faction, for
personal reasons.  Thought Jared was a crackpot from jump
street and I couldn't stand the adulation of Mao.

Fast forward, 70s, after a brief period getting my head
put back on straight, literally, physically, started to
work with some Surrealists in Chicago, Rosemont and Co.
who actually read Marx, surprise surprise.  No happy
ending here, as there efforts were dedicated to constructing
elaborate bibliographies and statues to Andre Breton.

Never joined IS, SWP, RWL SL, etc. etc.  Call it what you
will, I didn't think they knew what they were talking about
and did not have the capacity for change. Not sorry.

Personalinformation, occupation?  OK, blown up twice, second
time you might recall if you were in NY.  Texaco gasoline
storage tank blew right next to the rail yard (Ironbound
section of Newark).  Had to get my head put back on straight,
literally, a second time.  Some swear it never took.  Hmm,
they might be right.  But as I say, "Better to be lucky,
than good."

Railroads, that's where I've worked for 30 years.

So now tell me, what does any of that have to do with
nationalism, the land question, super profits, etc.?

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