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Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Tue Jul 8 12:00:32 MDT 2003

Jose Perez wrote:

(Camejo once again showed his effectiveness in reaching out to
masses of people with socialist ideas as the Green gubernatorial
candidate in California last fall, when he received more than 5% of the

Maybe Jose heard different speeches than I did, but as far as I'm concerned
this is complete nonsense. Not only was Camejo not presenting "socialist"
ideas in his campaign, in some respects he barely qualified as a
progressive. At one of his appearances I confronted him with the fact that
his "10 themes" (or however many there were or whatever they were called)
didn't mention foreign policy (specifically the then impending war against
Iraq as well as other issues) at all, DESPITE the fact that the huge budget
crisis in California (and most other states) was obviously linkable to the
draining of money from social needs into the military. Any progressive,
nevertheless any socialist, would have seized on this obvious linkage to
make important points about the nature of the US and why and how it needs to
change and how the drive towards war was directly affecting the people of
California with hospital closings, cuts in social services of all kinds,
etc. Camejo said he agreed with me, and that he would definitely see about
adding these issues to his web site, etc., but he never did, and certainly
never made a major point of this in his campaign. He did make an appearance
at some of the antiwar marches, and certainly he was against the war, but as
far as I know that position never came to the fore or even became visible in
his campaign.

As far as "socialist" idea, perhaps Jose can elaborate, because I have no
idea what he's talking about.

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