Who/what is "dms"

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Tue Jul 8 12:23:17 MDT 2003

The only way this medium works at all is to agree to argue the politics
and not the personalities...particularly not in cyberspace where anybody
can say anything about themselves anyway...and anyone else can demands
proof of who you are...and then you get a verbal brawl that means

If what's been said by DMS or Jose or both or neither is full of crap,
let's hear it discussed.

Personally, I suspect that the discussion is largely breaking over what
is or is not the politics of nationalism.  The SWP used to define
nationalism as "anything up to and including the formation of a separate
state," but I was never comfortable with that because it was so utterly
open-ended...not to the left but to the right.  There are major
questions about this on an international scale.  At home, ... well, not
that long ago, one of the "radical" "black nationalist" professors here
was involved heavily in efforts to mobilize support to get Congressional
approval of Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court.  We also have a
number of former Panthers in this city--professed admirers of Malcolm
X--who have become Republicans in the early 1980s as a way to expand
"the black voice".  All of this fits into an open-ended understanding of

I'd be curious to hear this discussed in more concrete terms.

Mark L.

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