Venceremos Brigade Travel Challenge

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Venceremos Brigade Travel Challenge

Joining the Travel Challenge of the Pastors for Peace
Caravan, currently enroute to the Texas border with
humanitarian supplies for the people of Cuba, the 34th
Contingent of the Venceremos Brigade will also be visiting
Cuba from July 19 to August 4th.

The Venceremos Brigade, an educational work project, has
brought over 8,000 people to Cuba since 1969 and is the
oldest friendship organization in the US.

Participants will stay at an interntional work camp outside
Havana where they will assist in the renovation of a local
health clinic. They will also travel to Santiago for the
50th Anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Garrison
on July 26th which began the Cuban Revolution.

On August 4th, the Brigade will cross the International
Peace Bridge in Buffalo, New York, announcing their return
from Cuba to US Immigrations and Customs.

Like the Pastors for Peace Caravan, the Venceremos Brigade
has never applied for or traveled under a Treasury
Department license and opposes U.S. government restrictions
on travel to Cuba, as well as the economic blockade on our
neighboring island.

The Brigade is not alone in this thinking. 75% of the
U.S. population, including a majority of Cuban Americans,
want an end to the travel ban.

The House of Represnetatives voted not to enforce the travel
restrictions. Yet, since Bush was proclaimed president,
harassment of travelers to Cuba, both licensed and
unlicensed, has greatly increased.

Two months ago, the Administration eliminated the second
largest category of "licensed" travel to Cuba, affecting
tens of thousands of people.

"The time has come for people of conscience to take a
stand," says Bonnie Massey, member of the National Committee
of the Venceremos Brigade. "The travel restrictions and the
blockade not only harm millions of innocent Cubans, but also
are an infringement on our rights as citizens of this
country. We demand our constitutional right to travel." .

For more information:

Venceremos Brigade
PO Box 5202
Englewood, NJ 07631
phone: 212-560-4360,
 email: vbrigade at

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