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1) Backing my ideas on the American Civil War (in fact, not my ideas but
those of Marx and Engels)

Only today, I stumbled on Huato´s request that Louis Proyect back my
flamboyant (Huato´s words) claims that the British bourgeoisie was fighting
against the American bourgeoisie in the American Civil War.
Let us not bother Proyect, Huato. Just go and read Marx and Engels on the
issue, particularly their articles on a newspaper that was published in New
York (don´t remember the name) and their correspondence; Marx´s letter to
Lincoln, if properly read, can also bring some light on the isue. The whole
thing has been collected and published. No need to research better sources,
for a first hand introduction into the issue. And if this proves too heavy,
then just try a light but honest and well documented history of the Civil
War. You don´t even need to go to American historians (though many
Progressives, such as Beard for example, could shed some light into your
garden), simply take a ride along the wonderfully well written bio of
Lincoln by Carl Sandburg, or some of Gore Vidal´s things.

2) On the same thread, Anthony Boynton requested that I clarify the origin
of the phrase 'natural backwardness of the colored peoples" in my "Had the
British won the war through the Southern slaveowners, the seamless
integration between slavery and industrial manufacture would have lived much
longer than it did. "Shaping the world to ´its image and likeness´" does not
mean, for capitalism, to nurture and spawn new fully developed capitalist
countries, a move that can only be retarded by the natural backwardness of
the colored peoples. It simply means that the world must be turned into the
arena for the realization of capital, regardless of the dominant productive
relation, while it is ensured that a thick enough layer of the human species
is able to act as the active demand of goods (that is, the -in this sense-
privileged classes of the First World)."

Well, I was trying to be ironic. If, as Huato states, capitalism nurtures
and spawns fully developed capitalist countries anywhere it steps in, then
the obvious differences that any observer can find between, say, Mexico and
Austria can only be a consequence of "the natural backwardness of the
colored peoples". I was trying to gently hint that in the end, Julio Huato´s
positions are racist propositions. Not quoting anyone in particular.
But if you want a perverse quote on this issue, then I could remember Jorge
Luis Borges, who talked of "humble-coloured peoples"...

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