Camejo in NY: (was The Permanent Revolution...?)

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> It was 1980. I wasn't in New Yorkbut I remember hearing about this
just as Peter was being pushed
out of the SWP. Do you know
how they did it?  A great trick:

He went for a visit, I gather more
than a short visit, to his family
in Venezuela. They said that
he couldn't have a leave for the
visit, but had to formally drop
his membership. When he
came back, they simply would
not let him back into the group.


I've got one even better. Do you
know how the SWP leadership got rid of
the Internationalist Tendency without
a trial or even formal charges in the
summer of 1974? They dissolved the party,
then reconstituted it in Oberlin excluding
the members of the IT.

But I agree with you about what happened to
Peter. That was a dirty trick topull on a
long-time loyal party member.



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