Forwarded from Nestor (replies to Julio and Anthony)

Julio Huato juliohuato at
Tue Jul 8 16:42:37 MDT 2003

Nestor wrote the following, but I really don't know what he's talking about.
  I don't recall mentioning Louis Proyect in my response to him.

>Only today, I stumbled on Huato´s request that Louis Proyect back my
>flamboyant (Huato´s words) claims that the British bourgeoisie was fighting
>against the American bourgeoisie in the American Civil War. Let us not
>bother Proyect, Huato. [...]

>colored peoples". I was trying to gently hint that in the end, Julio
positions are racist propositions.

What????  Since the only language you seem to understand is that of personal
insults, then go and gently fuck yourself.


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