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  Who is this guy?

Adolfo Olaechea Cahuas is a Peruvian who reportedly left Peru some 30
years ago and has been living in London for the past decade or two.

In the 1980s he started a group called Committee Sol Peru which was
dedicated to supporting and propagandizing the Shining Path.  It seems
that he did not have PCP approval for this and they did not know who he
was, but eventually he received some sort of sanction for his activies
and Committee Sol Peru continued its activities into the 1990s.

Olaechea was cast as one of the "ambassadors" of the PCP in Europe, a
role which was never official but which became more prominent after he
discovered the internet, where he intervened using his wife's email
address.   He was a regular on one of the precursors to Marxism List,
Marxism General, where he intervened (some would say he started) the
infamous "Quispe fight" which became one of the internet's most
notorious flame wars, with some participants (not to mention the list
itself) receiving such a bruising that they never recovered.

Olaechea later co-hosted Marxism-International list with another
arch-Stalinist, Lou Godena, and together they drove it into the ground.
  In the meantime he continued his PCP activities, but came under fire
from various sides as the PCP's international supporters split in
multiple directions after the capture of PCP leader Abimael Guzman in 1992.

Olaechea and Committee Sol Peru were thus isolated and the committee
seems to have withered away, although some of its texts can be still be
found on a few relic archives on the net.   Before it did die away,
Olaechea and the CSP did manage to get the PCP some attention, e.g.
reportedly making arrangements for a British Channel 4 TV crew to get
access to jailed militants and combatants in rural base areas.  Sometime
after 2000, perhaps as an outgrowth of work to get Guzman a new trial,
Olaechea started Justice International "JUSTIN" based in London (with
Godena as US rep).  Through Justin, Olaechea has lobbied Parliament and
even Buckingham Palace in favor of various causes.

In 1994 or 1996 the Peruvian government asked London to arrest and
extradite him to Peru, but as no crimes beyond apologia could be
attributed to him, nothing came of it.  But, in the current anti-terror
climate, especially in Spain, things are different and he is now sitting
in a Spanish jail.

I posted the news purely as info and update on a figure from the
internet left's past and a one-time adversary to some on this list. What
people do with the info is up to them; I am not asking anyone to do

- Juan

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