Camejo in NY: (was The Permanent Revolution...?)

David Walters dwalters at
Tue Jul 8 17:09:36 MDT 2003


>Could you please give us the time period in which Peter made this proposal?
>I had left the SWP back in March 1974. My knowledge of what occurred after
>that time is rather sketchy.

>Thanks in advance.


>Cherie Pleau

Hmmm....1980, I think. I was shortly before or after the turn to "Garment",
the dissolution of the highly successful Local 1199 fraction, or
there-a-bouts. The same time the SWP dropped the
"social-weight-it's-better-to-lust-after-coal-miners..." change in party

Correct on Peter's no being in the US when he was dropped from membership.

I think it's wrong about the IT expulsion, however. I remember when the NC
voted to expel the IT, April of 1974 (again, bad with dates), before the
Oberlin convention in August, after the special back-to-back YSA/SWP
conventions in Chicago over Christmas of 1973. I don't remember any
dissolution of the party, but, hey, anything is possible.


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