Camejo in NY: (was The Permanent Revolution...?)

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Tue Jul 8 20:30:27 MDT 2003

I'm sure we didn't have trials
for those people. Messy and
inefficient things. I had one
that lasted 5.5 hours. Yuck!

They got overconfident and
a few of their members went
to work. As a result, their
motion to expell me lost by
a tie vote. Of course, they
had set up a state-wide
executive committee and
"appealed" the decision of
the branch not to expell me.

I was permitted to address
that august body, but was
not permitted to listen in to
their discussion of my "case".

All those little Toy Bolshevik
Parties, as Tariq Ali calls them,
are alike, regardless of their
specific stated "program" and
whether the work they do is
good or bad. That's basically
the conclusion I've come to
based on what I've seen and
read through the years.


I think it's wrong about the
IT expulsion, however.


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