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Tue Jul 8 20:58:24 MDT 2003

No Nestor, that was me.  And I've read Marx and Engels on the Civil War and
what they say in no way locates the conflict of North vs. South, free
soil/agriculture vs. plantantion landed property, in a conflict of competing
capitals, US vs. Britain. You might want to expand your research sources and
try something other than collections of Marx's letters and newspaper

I am consistently amused by your attempts to force history into the neat
categories of your particular ideology: i.e. US=white=first world=bad; Third
World/color=good.  It almost reminds me of the circus trick where all the
clowns come out of the tiny car, and you wonder, how did they get in there.
Almost. Because this time the clowns' are outside and the car is empty.

 You tried to  cram the Philippine rebellion into your little vehicle, a
vehicle that seems to be stuck in reverse,  except you forgot to check the
chronology of events and against whom the Philippines were actually
rebelling. (Note to those wondering who I am:  I'm the guy who said Nestor
didn't know what he was talking about when he posted his comments on the

Now you want to cram the US Civil War into the non-existent center ring of
US vs. British capital.  That doesn't fit either in the vehicle either.

As I said France was much more sympathetic to the South, the British hand
was stayed by its working class, especially after the emancipation
proclamation.  The British did not send its navy to break the blockade of
Southern ports.  The British did not confiscate Union property.  The Union
did not confiscate British property in the North, or to my knowledge, the
South after victory.

The Union, upon the capture of New Orleans, did confiscate French property
that was being used to finance some Confederate supporters.  This was done
under the orders of the greatest of the Union citizen-soldiers, General
Benjamin Butler (from Massachussetts) and it put the War. Dept. into a


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