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Richard Harris rhh1 at
Tue Jul 8 18:16:48 MDT 2003

If, as Huato states, capitalism nurtures
and spawns fully developed capitalist countries anywhere it steps in, then
the obvious differences that any observer can find between, say, Mexico and
Austria can only be a consequence of "the natural backwardness of the
colored peoples". I was trying to gently hint that in the end, Julio Huato´s
positions are racist propositions.



As our Canadian humourist was knocked off the list for mocking the manner in
which one subscriber described herself at the tail of ther postings, cannot
we tell-off someone who plays the stupid game of telling someone they are
'objectively' (?) racist (hugely more offensive, in my book.)

Huato's argument does not entail the conclusion attributed to him ~ it
could, but Julio no way offered that particular entailment.  What Nestor
says is a smear.



(p.s. I have no idea who Huato is.  I do know you cannot build socialism
like this.)

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