Camejo in NY: (was The Permanent Revolution...?)

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> What they did in 1974 was to say that the tendency was really a
> faction...and that the faction agreed around a set of ideas and operated
> together to promote those ideas...therefore the faction was really a
> "party."  The actual document--passed without a peep of
> dissention--expelled "the Internationalist Tendency Party."
> Solidarity!
> Mark L.

I think it was Don Smith who had told me (I had already left the party the
end of March 1974) that the SWP actually formally dissolved itself, then
reconstituted itself, without including the IT. You are right, though, Mark,
in that the SWP leadership did declare the IT a party rather than a faction
or a tendency and began to call it the Internationalist Tendency Party.
Because they called the IT a party, they thought (and did) get away with
reconstituting the SWP without the IT.


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