Camejo in NY: (was The Permanent Revolution...?)

Mark Lause MLause at
Tue Jul 8 20:35:59 MDT 2003


I wouldn't in the least be surprised that you (and Don) could be right.
The SWP leadership always fancied itself as clever parliamentarians.
Certainly, if the 1974 dissenters had seats on the National Committee,
the SWP would have reconstituted that body.   I do recall that,
thereafter, SWP members would cynically talk about the "Internationalist
Tendency Party" afterwards as the "ITP."

I recall running into one of the NC members in Chicago later.  He had
landed a high-paying job as a stockbroker, and had grown up into quite a
nice little "moderate," as he described himself...but he still insisted
that the SWP leadership had been right about everything with regard to
getting rid of all the damned dissenters.  Sometimes, brainwashing
doesn't require sleep deprivation, malnutrition or beatings.

Mark L.

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