Latest edition of Triban Coch now on-line!

Ed George edgeorge at
Wed Jul 9 01:32:14 MDT 2003

Triban Coch is an on-line journal produced by members of Plaid Cymru -
The Party of Wales. Triban Coch can be read at


*Red and Green Water

Leanne Wood, the recently elected AM for South Central, examines the
factors that led to electoral failure in 2003.

*The Cofi Experience

Alun Ffred Jones AM records the election campaign in Caernarfon and the
challenge of the post-Wigley era

*Building the Party Machine

Dyfan Jones gives a Lesotho-inspired view of the 2003 election results
and calls for moves to realise our electoral potential.

*The Wasted Opportunity

Alun Cox makes a cogent attack on the performance of the party's
Assembly group over the past four years.

*Murky Brown Water

Four myths surrounding the Assembly elections, by Ed George

*Wales, Puerto Rico and Montenegro

Gwenllian Lansdown, Chair of the Ffederation of Students, offers her
feelings about the current state of the party.

*Welsh Mirror Rules

Colin Nosworthy argues that Plaid requires a radical change of attitude
to win government in 2007

*The John Marek Independent Party

John Marek Independent Party campaigner Mike Davies reveals the true
extent of the party's ambitions

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