Those damned elusive WMDs - sorry that should read PMDs

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"Patrick Wintour, chief political correspondent
Wednesday July 9, 2003
The Guardian

Tony Blair has changed tack on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, saying
he was confident that programmes, rather than weapons themselves, would be
found over the next few months.
Appearing before a committee of MPs yesterday, the prime minister rejected
suggestions that the jury was out on whether weapons of mass destruction,
or WMDs, would ever be found.
Although Downing Street later pointed out that Mr Blair had referred to
weapons programmes before, the shift in emphasis may betray a growing
belief in government circles that Saddam had dismantled or broken up the
weapons before the coalition invasion. "

I am beginning to love this.  Suddenly we cannot find the WMD, because
Saddam destroyed them.

The Imperialists have had control of Iraq since May 1.  Not a single weapon
has been turned up, apart from the one beneath the rose bush. Well we
always knew that Saddam was devilish cunning.  He didn't just hide
them.  The rat destroyed them, presumably to embarrass Blair.

Though of course Bush, Blair & Howard denied he had destroyed his weapons
and in fact said he could launch them within 45 minutes.  When could he
have destroyed them?  When the UN inspsectors were there without them
noticing it? Maybe he destroyed the WMDs the day before the invasion, after
the inspectors had left!  Mind you he did it so well that there is not even
a trace of that destruction.

Now we are looking for programs - PMDs in fact.  What would a program look

   All I can say is that these must be a lot easier to fake.



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