Carlyle Group founder disses Dubya!

Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan wenhuadageming at
Wed Jul 9 05:48:48 MDT 2003

ok, you have a point about CNN and "big three" tv media; i admit i wouldn't
know for sure because i rarely tune anymore since the invasion coverage was
driving me mentally insane.  so i probably overstated if i implied that all
of mainstream outlets were turning around.  (although i was trying to say
it's just beginning:  ie, "finally *starting*")  anyway, for one thing, the
admission of the niger forgery is now being reported all over the place in
print and web media, and was even on the and homepages
(which reaches a large amount of the microsoft-using public who don't
bother to change default settings on their browers and such) for many hours
last night.  also constantly declining opinion polls are showing up, i
think even time magazine and newsweek were unable to avoid this.  same with
criticism of the "bring em on" bullsh_t, plus using words like "wavering"  not to mention the
apprehension about the occupation going awry.  oh, sorry that i'm using
msnbc a lot here; like i said, keeping up with other even more mainstream
"sources" is too emotionally draining.  but i have personally found in the
past couple years that a good solid majority of what appears to be "big
stories" will first find their way to homepages and webportals like
before filtering on up the media food chain.  i find it telling when during
the invasion and immediately after, there were constant sensationalist
headlines about "wmd's found", only to read into the article and see it was
"potential wmd's"  and now "potential wmd program".  probably wasn't a
critical headline for even every 25 or so.  i think it's changing
now.  just my opinion and observation.  maybe i'm being too optimistic and
giving them more credit than they deserve.

At 02:40 AM 7/9/2003 -0400, you wrote:

>Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan wrote: my
> > observation is that the mainstream domestic press is finally starting to
> > follow suit with their overseas counterparts and report on the
> > administrations' blunders and outright lies, whereas before with enron and
> > with the lead-up/early stages of the invasion they were generally silent
> > and obedient.
>This, from what I've obseved, certainly has not been the trend with
>CNN and rest of the tv media, but I suppose they wouldn't fall under
>the bracket "mainstream domestic press".

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