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Wed Jul 9 06:26:28 MDT 2003

(From Andy Coates, up-state NY)

please forward --

***Scott Ritter, our Town of Bethlehem neighbor and a Delmar volunteer
firefighter, as well as a US Marine and former Chief UN Weapons
Inspector in Iraq, will speak at the Bethlehem Town Hall, 445 Delaware
Avenue, Delmar, NY, on Sunday July 20th at 3pm.

The title of his talk is "The Other Face of Patriotism."

This week Mr. Ritter's latest book "Frontier Justice:  Weapons of Mass
Destruction and the Bushwacking of America" will be published.

This promises to be an important local event.

Lies about Iraqi "weapons of mass destruction" were used to justify
the bombing, invasion and takeover of Iraq by the Bush and Blair
governments.  In recent weeks it has become clear that Iraq offered no
immediate military threat -- to any nation -- as "WMDs" have not been
"discovered."  The question of "WMDs" (and what Bush knew and when he
knew it,) goes to the heart of the doctrine of "pre-emptive war."  It
is increasingly plain to all that the Iraq war is a war of conquest,
not a war to prevent a threat from materializing.

The fundamentally criminal and dangerous American policy of preventive
war has been reaffirmed vigorously by Mr. Bush in recent days.  This
thrust toward warmaking by the United States threatens not only to
rekindle a global arms race -- including a new nuclear arms race --
but promises to immolate, maim, orphan and widow an ever-widening
circle of human beings in an ever-accelerating cycle of wars.

Scott Ritter possesses a uniquely informed opinion on these issues,
from which he has drawn far-reaching conclusions.  His opinions should
be heard.

Locally and nationally there have been efforts to silence Scott
Ritter.  A few have said that he should not be allowed to speak in
Delmar, among them talk show hosts on local AM radio stations.
Supporting this talk will help defend free speech.

Please attend, please invite your neighbors, friends, family,
coworkers and fellow activists to attend.  Please help us spread the

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