Ed George's Response

D OC donaloc at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 9 08:50:11 MDT 2003

Ed, a chara,

Thanks for your swift and detailed response/rejoinder. I had a feeling that
you weren't making the point I was attacking. All the same, I didn't realise
that there was so little a small farmer base in North Wales. Interesting -
it is very different to Ireland so. For my information, how/when did this
situation come about?

Anyway, we seem to share a commonality of the artistic-type/hippy vote - its
actually quite significant in less densely-populated counties. Over here,
they tend to go Green Party too as opposed to anything more serious because
its seen as a safer option for what are largely middle-class radicals.

I think we agree on the possibilities of a WSP - it would only weaken the
left within Plaid, with negative implications all round. I see that through
your work, marxmail got a good plug in another article for the paper, by an
AM too! The list is moving up market now!! I guess Magnus Bernhardsen is
still reading, isn't he a parliamentary rep in Sweden?

Hope you're keeping well,

Is mise

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