The scarecrow tactics at its highest, part two.

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Wed Jul 9 10:44:47 MDT 2003

"Qué gente que sabe cosas,
la gente de este albardón!
Qué gente que sabe cosas,
pero cosas que no son!"

Leonardo Castellani, Argentinean right-wing Jesuit who, however, 
behaved gallantly against the 1976 dictatorship and saved the lives 
of many Marxists... because he was right-wing but anti-imperialist!

Re: Forwarded from Nestor (replies to Julio and Anthony)

David Schanoes, once again although not in disguise now:

"No Nestor, that was me.  And I've read Marx and Engels on the Civil 
War and what they say in no way locates the conflict of North vs. 
South, free soil/agriculture vs. plantantion landed property, in a 
conflict of competing capitals, US vs. Britain. You might want to 
expand your research sources and try something other than collections 
of Marx's letters and newspaper articles."

No, David, it was not you. You may happily find yourself comfortable 
in Huato's reformist vision of capitalism (which is of course 
completely reasonable, because beneath every self-appointed 
Trotskyist who in fact is an ultraleftist there is a reformist) but 
it was Huato. You sent another letter to the list, trying to tease 
me. But I did not respond to that, because I am busy with more 
important things. 

Then you go on (you of all people!) accusing me of, let me see, how 
do you put it, ah, yes: "attempts to force history into the neat 
categories of your particular ideology: i.e. US=white=first 
world=bad; Third World/color=good."

This may be YOUR particular ideology. I have a quite sophisticated 
vision of imperialism, having been in my youth an imperialist 
(Zionist) politician myself. So that, unlike you, I have known the 
beast from within. And I know that it can have a "leftist" face more 
often than not.

Of course, you need to combat against my scarecrow, not myself. You 
and your friends already attempted to do it some weeks ago when you 
tried to portray me as a defender of the 1976 Junta and Galtieri. But 
this time, you reduce Lenin to a mock of himself in the process, 
however, since it was Lenin, not me, who explained that the main 
contradiction in our current world is the contradiction between 
oppressing nations and oppressed countries. 

As to your comments on the Phillipines -which in my reckoned 
ignorance I am completely sure to know much better than you do- I 
will leave them uncommented out of respect for both the Phillipinos 
and bandwidth.

I will stick to the issue, then. For example, David Schanoes the 
reformist clad ultrarrevolutionary, tries to explain us that

"As I said" (hey, wait a minute, that is a good source, isn't it!) 
"France was much more sympathetic to the South, the British hand
was stayed by its working class, especially after the emancipation
proclamation.  The British did not send its navy to break the 
blockade of Southern ports.  The British did not confiscate Union 
property.  The Union did not confiscate British property in the 
North, or to my knowledge, the South after victory."

Which amounts to ignorance of the matter to an unacceptable degree. 

To begin with, it was very usual during the 19th. Century that France 
gave vocal expression to the common Western European interest while 
Britain silently smiled and did business. In Argentina, for example, 
the Anglo French invasions of the 1840s were propagandized by France 
but were commercially harvested by England. France thus got every 
drop of hatred from Argentineans while England silently moved into 
our economy its capitals and agents.

On the second place, if you had _read_ (not cast your eyes upon the 
words by) Marx and Engels on the Civil War, then you would have 
learnt, Schanoes, that they congratulated themselves for the hard 
work of the First International which had taken English workers 
_towards the Yankee side_ against the attempts of their bosses to 
have them on the "national British interest" side. 

If there was no strong British support to the South, it is mainly 
because of that working class opposition, the last instance of truly
independent British working class action after the Chartist 

And, by the way, I don't know where does my great admiration for 
Abraham Lincoln and the white farmers of the Midwest who shed most of 
the Northern blood on the battlefield fit with your (allow me to 
painfully recall it) depiction of my little vehicle as "US = white = 
first world = bad; Third World/color = good."

But enough for the day. I will crush your bickering under a 
translation into English of a good analysis of the American Civil War 
by a Latin American Marxist, Schanoes. This will have to wait, but 
will take place. For the time being, just keep quaking. And other 
members of this list, please be patient.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at

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