American Civil War

DMS dmschanoes at
Wed Jul 9 07:59:42 MDT 2003


While you're at it and if you can find the time you
might consider responding to the specific points
raised in the previous communications.  Hells bells,
you might even want to explain your "analysis" of
the Philippines.  But please stick to the facts,
the events, and the actions, not your wishful thinking.

I  understand what a conflict of capitals entails.
World War I was such a conflict of capitals.  The
Spanish-American War was such a conflict of capitals.
What do we find in those conflicts?  Armed hostilities,
seizures of territory, property, mobilizaton of the
population in military forms against the "external enemy,"
all the things we don't see happening between the US
and Britain during the Civil War.  We don't even see
Britain using its superior navy to disrupt Union mar-
itime trade with the British colonies in the Caribbean.

If your "Marxist analysis" is anything like your ex-
planation concerning your remarks about the "backward-
ness" of peoples, in which you try to avoid responsibili-
ty for your statement by accusing others of things
never stated, implied or alluded to, then don't bother
wasting my time.

I understand the difference between aggrandizement and

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