American Civil War

DMS dmschanoes at
Wed Jul 9 10:45:16 MDT 2003


Marx disputes, specifically, the paper quality of the
blockade. In 1862 Marx wrote how the South's claim to
400 ships running the blockade was in reality, 16 ships.

The analysis of the causes of the Civil War, in the first
and last cases, doesn't depended on commercial relations
maintained between the South and Britain.  It depends on
the concrete organizations of property and the demands
of production.

Nowhere in any analysis to find British investment in the
South matching such capital investment in the North.  Nowhere
do you find a property relation that makes the slave pro-
duction of cotton essential to British capitalism in 1860.

Consequently, you do not find the British taking military
action to protect its interests against the North.  The
British did send 3000 troops to Canada after the Trent Affair,
but that was a show.

The conflict was between the organization of property sup-
porting the mode of production in the North vs. the organ-
ization of property containing the mode of production in
the South.  And that's why it is exactly what it is, a
civil war.


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