American Civil War

DMS dmschanoes at
Wed Jul 9 11:14:57 MDT 2003

Here's a URL for an old old article (1889) that I first
read in my youthful days in Michigan, days of funny cars,
color me gone, and Hitsville, USA.

The article give insight into the machinations, twists,
turns Gladstone, Russell, Palmerston, etc. as wrestle
with the path to war with the North.  Especially nice
are the remarks about Louis Bonaparte whining about
being set up by the Brits as the bad guy re recog-
nizing the South as a sovereign country.

The article is formatted terribly (Les, if you care
to employ your talents, I would be grateful), and if
the URL doesn't work, go to the Library of Congress Website
and do a search on Britain and the Confederacy.


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