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Jim Farmelant farmelantj at juno.com
Wed Jul 9 15:23:16 MDT 2003

As of March, Lou Paulsen's email address
was LouPaulsen at attbi.com.

Jim F.

On Wed, 09 Jul 2003 16:54:40 -0400 Yoshie Furuhashi <furuhashi.1 at osu.edu>
> At 7:48 AM -0700 7/9/03, Eli Stephens wrote:
> >Between iacenter at iacenter.org and iac at actionsf.org I suspect you
> can
> >reach anyone you want to at ANSWER.
> I've tried both, but I've yet to hear from anyone at either IAC or
> ANSWER.  Those official addresses listed on the websites must get
> hundreds of messages a day, I'd think.  Michael Perelman referred me
> to Professor George Wright, who was invited to speak at the ANSWER
> conference in May, and I hope I'll be able to get in touch with
> someone on the ANSWER steering committee through him.
> Is there anyone here who is very active in ANSWER and who personally
> knows individuals who are in decision-making positions in the
> coalition (btw, where is our WW man Lou Paulsen)?  I have an
> anti-war/anti-occupation campaign idea that I'm hoping ANSWER could
> take up (that I've posted here -- among other places -- a couple
> days
> ago; it's a posting titled "Soldiers to Congress: Send Us Home").
> I'd like to see a national campaign (letters, petitions, sit-ins,
> demonstrations, etc.) to bring soldiers home _now_ -- before
> Washington decides to escalate the size of the army of occupation
> dramatically.  Soldiers want to go home, their families and friends
> want them home, and Iraqis want them out of their country -- and
> yet,
> surprisingly, no major anti-war coalition is currently focused on a
> campaign to bring them home now.  Why???  I want to call on all
> anti-war coalitions (International ANSWER,
> <http://www.internationalanswer.org/>; National Network to End the
> War against Iraq, <http://www.endthewar.org/>; Not In Our Name,
> <http://www.notinourname.net/>; Racial Justice 911,
> <http://www.rj911.org/>; United for Peace and Justice,
> <http://www.unitedforpeace.org/>; Win Without War,
> <http://www.winwithoutwarus.org/>) to initiate a coordinated
> campaign
> with a simple message: Bring Them Home Now.
> Anger and anxiety of soldiers and their families have been
> extensively covered lately (see my posting "Soldiers to Congress:
> Send Us Home" for samples of the coverage -- also check out "When
> Are
> Our Sons, Daughters and Spouses Coming Home From Iraq?" Tuesday,
> July
> 8th, 2003,
> <http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=03/07/08/155245>), and
> the US government has yet to make a major change in Iraq deployment
> (aside from enlisting several other nations' soldiers in support
> capacity rather than in counter-insurgency).  We have a window of
> opportunity here if we can get a Bring Them Home Now campaign off
> ground soon.
> ANSWER (together with Al-Awda and the UK Stop the War Coalition)
> will
> be holding the international days of action against empire and
> occupation on September 26-28, but I think an intensive
> action/education campaign (letters, petitions, sit-ins, street
> theater, etc.) should start _now_, leading up to the
> ANSWER/Al-Awda/StW days of action in September.
> I've made some headway in United for Peace and Justice and Military
> Families Speak Out -- I've received favorable responses to my pitch
> from Bill Fletcher (a key member of the UFPJ steering committee),
> Merle Ratner (a board member of the Brecht Forum and also a member
> of
> the UFPJ-Iraq working group), Jeff McKenzie (a co-founder of MFSO),
> etc., but things are moving very slowly -- besides, I want ANSWER
> and
> other coalitions to put the idea on the front burner, too.
> BTW, below is the list of members of the UFPJ steering committee.
> If
> you like my idea of the Bring Them Home Now campaign and are friends
> with anyone who is on the UFPJ steering committee, encourage him or
> her to have the UFPJ steering committee adopt it.
> UFPJ National Steering Committee
> These thirty-five people were elected at the June 2003 United for
> Peace and Justice National Strategy Conference to serve as UFPJ's
> national steering committee:
> Frank Ackles, Veterans For Peace
> Andrea Buffa, Global Exchange
> Leslie Cagan, Pacifica Foundation
> Kelly Campbell, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
> Patricia Clark, Fellowship of Reconciliation
> Saulo Colon, Vieques Support Campaign
> Julio César de Tapia, People for Peace and Justice of Utah
> Ajamu Dillahunt, Black Solidarity Against the War
> Lisa Fithian, RANT
> Bill Fletcher, TransAfrica Forum
> George Friday, Independent Progressive Politics Network
> Jen Geiger, Women's Int'l League for Peace and Freedom
> Van Gosse, Historians Against the War
> Graylan Hagler, Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ
> Rebecca Kaiser, Nebraskans for Peace
> Deb Kory, Tikkun Magazine and Community
> Judith LeBlanc, Communist Party
> Eun Sook Lee, Young Koreans United/USA
> Michael Letwin, NYC Labor Against the War
> Rahul Mahajan, Nowar Collective/Austin Coalition
> Jessica Marshall, National Youth and Student Peace Coalition
> Kevin Martin, Peace Action
> George Martin, Milwaukee Coalition for a Just Peace
> Rania Masri, Institute for Southern Studies
> Ignacio Meneses, National Network on Cuba
> Gale Murphy, Code Pink
> Amy Newell, U.S. Labor Against the War
> Kai Newkirk, STARC Alliance (Students Transforming and Resisting
> Corporations)
> Efia Nwangaza, Not In Our Name Project
> Baltazar Pinguel, American Friends Service Committee
> Amy Quinn, Institute for Policy Studies
> Josh Ruebner, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
> Damu Smith, Black Voices for Peace
> Bob Wing, War Times
> Shirley H. Young, Military Families Speak Out
> --
> Yoshie
> * Calendars of Events in Columbus:
> <http://www.osu.edu/students/sif/calendar.html>,
> <http://www.freepress.org/calendar.php>, & <http://www.cpanews.org/>
> * Student International Forum: <http://www.osu.edu/students/sif/>
> * Committee for Justice in Palestine: <http://www.osudivest.org/>
> * Al-Awda-Ohio: <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Al-Awda-Ohio>
> * Solidarity: <http://solidarity.igc.org/>

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