Peter Camejo

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Wed Jul 9 18:34:11 MDT 2003

I've heard Peter's speeches and a couple of
his radio interviews on Pacifica. He's giving
the same kinds of speeches he gave when
I met him and he recruited me to the SWP's
youth group, the YSA, back in 1962, with a
slight improvement in rhetorical style over
the past forty plus years.

Peter is one of the finest propagandists for
socialism in the United States. He has an
amazing ability to explain the most complex
and difficult ideas in simple terms which do
not cut across the clarity and depth of what
he's getting at politically. I wondered how
he would sound after all this time, and he
is still as great as he was way back then.

Peter was a speaker at the very first rally
I ever attended, protesting the invasion at
the Bay of Pigs, in April 1961.


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