Peter Camejo

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Wed Jul 9 15:58:48 MDT 2003

Interested parties can visit, click on "Issues",
and read Camejo's platform on a wide variety of subjects. Here are a couple
worth noting:

On "Peace": "We are for the U.N. inspectors. We want to get all of the
weapons of mass destruction out of Iraq," Camejo said. "But we also want to
get them out of Israel and Pakistan. And we want U.N. inspectors to come to
the United States and get rid of our weapons of mass destruction."

A socialist position? Advocating that the international organization of the
bourgeoisie, under the thumb of the world's greatest warmongers, be allowed
to interfere with Iraq's right to self-defense? Advocating that a
third-world country be forced to disarm (or, in actuality, to prove it had
already rid itself of the "offending" weapons) while under the gun of the
mightly US armed forces? Advocating that an independent country does NOT
have the right to defend itself "by any means necessary"?

On "Economy & Budget": Camejo calls for increasing the tax rate from 9.3
percent to 10 percent for households with adjusted income of $260,000 or
more and 11 percent for families earning $520,000 or more.

A socialist position? Because the Communist Manifesto advocates "A heavy
progressive or graduated income tax"? Evidently whoever created the
graduated Federal income tax must have been a REAL communist, because it's
graduated far more steeply than Camejo proposes for California state taxes.

And as far as "The central message was, people need to break from these two
parties that represent the corporations and the rich," I wouldn't exactly
say this qualifies:

"My platform is what makes me better than Simon or Davis," Camejo says.
"That I’m not associated with money, not influenced by money makes me the
best candidate."

And, in addition to what WAS in his platform, there was the question of what
was not. As I mentioned, not one word about the obscene military budget,
despite its direct connection to the budget problems of the state of
California and every other state.

I gather Jose was a friend of Peter's "back when" and perhaps this is
influencing his judgement. But, as they say in the commercials, "this is not
your father's Peter Camejo." Even his speaking ability, touted by friends
who knew him well and heard him speak in the "old days" as legendary, has
severely waned, judging by his current speeches. I've heard far better
speeches, and far more radical for that matter, from both Ralph Nader and
Dennis Kucinich, neither of them present or former socialists as far as I

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