Peter Camejo

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Wed Jul 9 19:20:39 MDT 2003

The Green Party isn't a socialist organization.
It's pointless to criticize it for what it is NOT.

The July 26th movement did not advocate a
socialist program or the nationalization of the
industries owned by the bourgeoisie. It was
a radical democratic program which was the
method chosen to reach out to people who
had heard nothing but bad about socialism
and communism. Through that program,
and the other combative steps it took to
educate and mobilize the Cuban people,
a revolution was carried out to the end.

I've no idea how far Peter's campaign via
the Greens will go. Rather than think of a
single election campaign as a basis for the
expropriation of the expropriators, better to
think of it as one educational stage in the
process of developing consciousness. It
would be less disappointing to view it in
that manner.

Calling for the weapons inspectors in the
US exposes the whole hypocrisy of the idea
of the weapons inspectors. It's the same as
pointing to the hypocrisy of those criticizing
the Cuban executions and the trials of the
mercenaries who haven't criticized the US
imprisonments at the Guantanamo base.

Peter's campaign is a good example of how
to use the transitional method to educate an
audience and get them to move ahead in
their thinking from where they are now to a
deeper consciousness. How far it will got is
something which remains to be seen, but as
it stands at the moment, it's a step in the
right direction.


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