An Answer from ANSWER -- SNAFU!

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Wed Jul 9 17:01:10 MDT 2003

OK, folks, this just in -- I got a response from ANSWER Los Angeles
by e-mail: "I couldn't agree with you more.  Actually, International
ANSWER has initiated a campaign.  Check out the website:"

Now, I checked out the website
<>, and it's good in its own
right, but it's not what I'm looking for!

What I want to make happen is a national campaign (supported by most
major anti-war coalitions) that is, in theme, a bit like the
following new campaign by Citizen Soldier, preferably without the
call for "the participation of all our allies in an international
peacekeeping effort controlled by the United Nations" and "trained in
civil police operations and riot control" (see the bottom of the
Citizen Soldier announcement copied below) and definitely with
concrete action ideas:

*****   New Campaign Announced by Citizen Soldier

SOS!  Support our Servicemembers! Bring 'Em Home Now!

Every day, American GIs are being killed or wounded as they struggle
to occupy Iraq.  Many combat soldiers complain that they're assigned
to police and counter-insurgency duties for which they have no
training.  As Col. Robert Knapp, of the 113th Medical Company
recently told the Christian Science Monitor; "The actual combat
happened very fast, so the biggest stress now is peacekeeping.  Our
people are not really trained for peacekeeping and not equipped for
riot control."

There will be hundreds more US casualties in the months ahead if our
military continues on its present course.  If the Pentagon decides to
send more troops to assist the 145,000 already deployed in Iraq the
toll will climb even higher.

Remember that Army Chief of Staff Gen. Erik Shinseki told Congress
before our March 20, 2003 invasion that "several hundred thousand
soldiers" would be needed to stabilize a conquered Iraq.  He was
publicly attacked by Defense Secretary Rumsfeld who claimed the job
could be done with far fewer troops.  One military analyist,
Frederick Kagan points out that by deploying over five divisions in
Iraq the Army cannot maintain its desired ratio of two units at home
for every one deployed.  "Within months, the US leadership will face
a difficult choice; either reduce our commitment to Iraq regardless
of (conditions) or extend the deployment of many units indefinitely,"
Kagan concludes.

A bi partisan group of US Senators who visited Iraq at the end of
June reported that US troops are "stretched thin" and that it will
take years, tens of thousands of troops and billions of dollars to
established a stable and peaceful Iraq. "Bring 'em On" is George
Bush's macho (and mindless) response to the steady killing of our
young GIs

SOS/Citizen Soldier believes that the best way to support and honor
our young servicemembers in Iraq is to bring them home now.  America
must enlist the participation of all our allies in an international
peacekeeping effort controlled by the United Nations.  Peacekeeping
troops trained in civil police operations and riot control should
take over for our combat soldiers.
                                                             * * *
Family members of deployed GIs are urged to contact us and to make
your voices heard.  Legal counselling is available from attorneys
working with Citizen Soldier, Post Office Box 647, New York, N Y
10010  (212) 679-2250   *****

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