Peter Camejo

David Walters dwalters at
Wed Jul 9 17:34:11 MDT 2003

This is a very interesting discussion. No doubt those of us in California
have a special role to play here.

I had a chance to talk with Peter a few times, most extensively during the
election eve for the Prop M/Public Power Initiative back when he was
running, albeit I don't think he had actually announced then, maybe Walter
or "Armand Diego" knows. At that time he was focusing on getting banks to
allocate second mortgages for grid integrated photo voltalics (GIPV) for
residences in California/ Something that's actually a great idea but has
little political 'umphf' to it....

At any rate, he did not run a socialist campaign in any particular
fashion...if was a general soft of 'left/progressive' ... Perhaps
"sectoralist" is the best focusing in on what's stated in his election energy, 'pro-union', etc. He seemed to run far more on the
GP campaign stuff than his own politics, assuming they are different and
Peter is actually still socialist...which I don't know.

By 'sectoralist' I mean he took up each separate issue that most of us on
this list would probably agree with with absolutely zero to tie it together.
That 'zero' is the working class, organized and unorganized, and the need to
focus on this class as the motive force for social change. Is Peter against
this? No, absolutely not, of course, but he doesn't place the working class
in the proper political center of his campaign, something he did do when
running as an SWPer in 1976. So, the issue of unions being tied to the
Democrats; to break free, build a working class alternative, was simply
missing unless someone asked him specifically.

I think a socialist of any stripe needs to place these issues central to any
alternative to the Democrats. Anyway, my two cents on it.


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