FW: Zionism = Nazism

Craven, Jim jcraven at clark.edu
Wed Jul 9 17:36:23 MDT 2003

From: "The Other Side of Deception" by Victor Ostrovsky (former Mossad),
Harper Collins, N.Y. 1994

" That was where I would come in as a military police officer; my job was to
take the prisoners to a holding facility in Nes Ziyyona, a small town south
of Tel Aviv. I'd always assumed that it was an interrogation facility for
the Shaback. We all knew that a prisoner brought there would probably never
get out alive, but the brainwashing we'd gone through in our short lifetimes
had convinced us that it was them or us; there was no gray area.

  It was Uri who enlightened me regarding the Nes Ziyyona facility. It was,
he said, an ABC warfare laboratory--ABC standing for atomic,
bacteriological, and chemical. It was where our top epidemiological
scientists were developing various doomsday machines. Because we were so
vulnerable and would not have a second chance should there be an all-out war
in which this type of weapon would be needed, there was no room for error.
The Palestinian infiltrators came in handy in this regard. As human guinea
pigs, they could make sure the weapons the scientists were developing worked
properly and could verify how fast they worked and make them even more
efficient. What scares me today, looking back at that revelation, is not the
fact that it was taking place but rather the calmness and understanding with
which I accepted it.

  Years later, I met Uri again. This time he was in the Mossad, a veteran
'katsa' in the Al department, and I was a rookie. He had come back from an
assignment in South Africa. I was then a temporary desk man in the Dardasim
department in liaison helping him prepare for a large shipment of medication
to South Africa to accompany several Israeli doctors who were headed for
some humanitarian work in Soweto, a black township outside Johannesburg. The
doctors were to assist in treating patients at an outpatient clinic for the
Baragwanath hospital in Soweto, a few blocks away from the houses of Winnie
Mandela and bishop Desmond Tutu. The hospital and clinic were supported by a
hospital in Baltimore, which served as a cut-out for the Mossad. Uri was on
a cooling-off period from the United States.

   'What is the Mossad doing giving humanitarian assistance to blacks in
Soweto?' I remember asking him. There was no logic to it; no short-term
political gain (which was the way the Mossad operated) or any visible
monetary advantage.

    'Do you remember Nes Ziyyona?' His question sent shivers up my spine. I
     '  This is very much the same. We're testing both new infectious
diseases and new medication that can't be tested on humans in Israel, for
several of the Israeli medicine manufacturers. This will tell them whether
they're on the right track, saving them millions in research.'
        ' What do you think about all of this?' I had to ask.
        ' It's not my job to think about it.'
(pp. 188-89)

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