Peter Camejo

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Wed Jul 9 18:00:24 MDT 2003

>>Calling for the weapons inspectors in the
US exposes the whole hypocrisy of the idea
of the weapons inspectors. It's the same as
pointing to the hypocrisy of those criticizing
the Cuban executions and the trials of the
mercenaries who haven't criticized the US
imprisonments at the Guantanamo base.<<

I'm not competent to judge the Camejo campaign, but just on this: I think
it's fine to call for UN weapons inspectors to come to America. But the
quote from Camejo started off with support for the inspectors *in Iraq*,
and only after that did he get to America. This is a totally wrong

The relevant comparison would be if someone started a statement on the
Cuban trials by criticising Cuba, and only later got around to criticising
US imperialism. I.e. the Joanne Landy scenario, which is is a serious
concession to imperialism.

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