Peter Camejo

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Wed Jul 9 20:59:40 MDT 2003

Peter is the owner of a Paine Webber brokerage
in Oakland, California called Progressive Asset
Management. As I recall among its clients were
various public employee retirement funds in the
Bay Area. It became known as a place which
specialized in various green investment things.

Peter took a leave of absence from the company
when he announced his campaign for California
governor awhile back.

I think Dave Walters is right about his having
a particular interest in solar energy, which is
a good thing. Cuba's really into solar. It's too
bad Peter hasn't seen fit to point to Cuba as
a good example of what can be done with it.

If someone in the activist community who has
particular knowledge about this were to make
up campaign material linking Cuba with the
solar idea, I think Peter would probably be
open to incorporating it in some way, but it's
speculation on my part. Incorporating Cuba
could perhaps spark some public interest or
discussion on it, which would be quite good.

Truth is, Cuba is very important to me, but
to most people in California, not to speak of
the United States, Cuba isn't very important.

Other than voting for his campaign, I haven't
been following it or active in it. I'm registed in
the Peace and Freedom Party, but am not
active in that, either. My Cuba solidarity work
is quite enough for me.


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