Just to make something clear

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> I have never said that the American Civil War was _primarily_ a war
> between London and New York.

Yes, Nestor, let's ignore your bombast and bluster, your disregard for
historical accuracy, and your attempts to evade responsibility for your own
statements, and then perhaps we can make things clear.

Here, in your own words, is the statement you made about the Civil War which
caused me, NOT JH, to ask for further explanation and evidence:

"But this civil war (please read Marx) was in the end a war between a
national-popular front led by the American bourgeoisie and the British
bourgeoisie, not between American slaveowners and British capitalism"


Is that clear enough.  So I asked what do you mean?  What do you mean by a
national popular front, and what do you mean by "a war" with the British


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