War and good wine

dms dmschanoes at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 10 09:46:34 MDT 2003

Oh Nestor, your such a trickster, Spinners did a song about guys like you,
called "Rubber Band Man."  How you twist and turn and contort to try and
cover your own ignorance.

You haven't read my mail-- yes, you did, because it was in my mail that I
asked comrade LP if he had any evidence to support your assertions.  You
referred to that posting, except you confused me with comrade JH.

Let me see, national-popular front-- OK what organizations of different
social classes appeared in the national popular front?  Unless of course all
bourgeois revolutions are national popular fronts.  But then, what
organizations of other social classes participated in the French National
Assemblies, the Convention?

In the end a war for who would produce the shirts from Southern cotton?  No,
not at all.  The war was about the expansion of Northern capitalism and its
threat to the plantation system.  Just that.  It was not a competition
between the US bourgeoisie and the British bourgeoisie for Southern cotton.
If that were the case, the South would have had no need to secede, and the
North would have had no need to go to war.

There is no evidence for your assertions, nowhere in the history of the US
Civil War, and it is the fact that it was not a competition for Southern
cotton, and the fact that the Southern cotton was not the essence of British
capital that stayed the British hand, made the British equivocate, stumble,
and not recognize the South as a sovereign nation.  I direct you to the
tremendous resources of the US Library of Congress, Cornell University, and
the Smithsonian for your further edification.

Regarding the nullification and secession crisis 30 years prior to the war,
and its real determinants, I direct you to the book by William Freehling (it
might Frehling, I forget) called Prelude to Civil War:

No, Nestor, you are, as always, wrong.  This war WAS absolutely about
capitalism developing productive forces-- the capitalism of the North
againts the obsolete boundaries imposed by the Southern plantation system.
That's why the war's progressive component was in the destruction of
slavery, the destruction of Southern property.

I'm all for symbolic functions Nestor, in movies, literature, painting,
drama, dance, dreams, psychoanalysis, etc.  But there's nothing symbolic
about which way the guns are pointed.  You can't get less symbolic than the
clash of infantries.  And nothing focuses the human mind on the concete
conditions of existence like a rifle shot.

Regarding wine, oh I could cop a reverse Nestor here (a reverse Nestor being
a twist with a flip, normally executed in platform diving) and parade and
trumpet my plebian tastes.  But as a matter of fact, I enjoy wines, simple
and sophisticated immensely.  I recommend the 2000 Bordeaux, almost as good
as 85, certainly as good as 88 and much less expensive.

Now if this means you wish to retire from the discussion and not provide
your promised essay, teaching me Marxist analysis, that's your decision to
make.  But please, admit to it being your decision and don't try and cover
it that you are doing it for the benefit of others on the list.  Why, that
would mean your making yourself out to be a martyr, and we all know what you
think of martyrs.

dms or schanoes, whatever is easier.


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