US Civil War

DMS dmschanoes at
Thu Jul 10 04:53:15 MDT 2003

" intended to show
> that capitalism doesn't always imply full progress
> towards a self-
> centered economy, and that even Marx and Engels
> (when analyzing that
> war) had thrown that idea to the waste basket."


If that was his intention, and I don't believe it was, then he
chose poorly and he got the chronology wrong.

He should have studied a little more and a little further and he
could have found support for the "incompleteness" of capitalist
social development, of the bourgeois revolution, down that same
road in the retreat of the US bourgeoisie from RADICAL
 RECONSTRUCTION.  Radical Reconstruction was truly the finest,
 perhaps only decent program ever undertaken by the US
 bourgeoisie, and of course it fell apart on the rocks of
completing the capitalist routing of the Southern landed
property, an internal retreat reflecting externally, the
emergence of the long recession of 1872-1892.


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