American Civil War

Thu Jul 10 09:13:36 MDT 2003

"One of my friends (Joseph Weydemeyer) a German officer, who fought under the
Star-Spangled Banner in Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee in turn,
writes to me that this migration is wholly reminiscent of the exodus from
Ireland in 1847 and 1848.

"Furthermore, the energetic sections of the slaveholders, the young people,
on the one hand, and the political and military leaders, on the other, separate
themselves from the bulk of their class, since they either form guerilla
bands in their own states and, as guerilla bands, are annihilated, or they leave
home and join the army or the administration of the Confederacy. Hence the
result: on the one hand, a tremendous dwindling of the slave element in the border
states, where it had always to contend with the "encroachments" of its
competitor, free labour; on the other hand, removal of the energetic section of the
slaveholders and its white following. Only a sediment of "moderate"
slaveholders is left, who will soon grasp greedily at the pile of money offered them by
Washington for the redemption of their "black chattels", whose value will in
any case be lost as soon as the Southern market is closed to their sale. Thus,
the war itself brings about a solution by, in fact, radically changing the
form of society in the Border States."

Marx reporting and writing on the Civil War is in real time - as real time
existed during his time.  Here is why I tip my hat to that German immigrant that
planted the flag of proletarian revolution in American soil.

International publisher prints my copy of "The Civil War in the US," third
printing 1974. All this material is available on line.

My approach to this question is to write along the line that says, "From the
cause to save the union the abolition of slavery became necessary" because I
am a Yankee - Tan than a mutherfuc88r, but a Yank nevertheless.

DMS - which sounds like a rap star name, is of course correct. Thanks DMS.
The borthers got your beer set up and waiting on you to show up. :-)

The issue was slavery pure and simple and how the issue was fought out in the
political superstructure on the basis of diplomatic documents is not
fundamental. In this case the documents state that the issue was slavery pure and
simple. Perhaps we have entered an era where the truth can be told and won. A
generation of Marxist thread lightly on this question, although we told the truth
in the publication of the Negro National Colonial Question in 1972. Chapter
Two is called "The Civil War in the United States of North America: It's Aim,
Causes and Results." This book was written to train a generation of Marxist so
we told the truth. Much of the material is dated but every presentation of
fundamental questions has stood the test of time.

The slave power knew its time was up, but there is something in the
composition of an old class that will not let it relinquish power. The Civil War began
- from the standpoint of Southern reaction, as this play game and supreme act
of chivalry, where you get up in the morning, kiss the wife and pat her on the
ass, nod to the slaves and go kick some Yankee ass. Talk about not having a
clue. No agricultural society on earth has fundamentally defeated an industrial
society. The industrial society is going to produce more armaments - guns,
canons, uniforms, foodstuff, than an agricultural slave society. Lincoln cut
deals with Mexico to stop the flow of weapons to the South and till this day the
borders with Mexico are more than less open - as the result of this historical
agreement, despite what the current reaction screams about immigration from

The South never had a chance and was bleed white and then dominated by
Northern finance capital. What was the issue of the Civil War? According to the
Southern reaction the real issue was the North disrespecting their woman, "not
letting me be me," "not letting me do my own thing," "disrespecting my
relationship with the outer world of commerce" or some other such nonsense. The Slave
Oligarchy could not and would not admit that it was out of "time" and a
historical aberration.

Then again, the hardest thing in the world for any poker player to do is say,
"deal pass/past me."

It is popular today for some theorist to talk about "all the people in the
North that refused to fight against the slave power" and pretend that this was
not the bloodiest battle in human history up to its time. Well, when the
Marxist rewrite the history we are going to talk about the internal rebellion within
the South and highlight the slaves that deserted the plantations and in mass
headed for the Union - Freedom, line.

Uuuuuuhhhhhhhh, deal past some of the comrades. They will come back into the
game when they build up their theoretical bankroll.

Melvin P.

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