We Demand: Bring the Troops Home Now!

Walter Lippmann walterlx at enet.cu
Thu Jul 10 12:41:27 MDT 2003

Remember they told us back in 1965 that to
call for immediate withdrawal from Vietnam
was unrealistic. Too many US soldiers had
by then fought and been killed or injured.

How could the US simply "walk away" after
all it had, uh, "invested"? Well there are a
few Israelis who do argue for a withdrawal
from the occupied territories, but they are
up against a broadly racist concensus as
the very foundation of their little nation.

As the cost of the Israeli occupation of
Palestinian land grows, more Israelis will
surely adopt the withdrawal perspective.

It appears quite clear now that the US is
in a terrible quagmire in Iraq, and as it's
also beginning to look in Afghanistan.

It may well be that none of the candidates
now are prepared to raise the demand for
immediate withdrawal. Howard Dean, the
media's designated "anti-war" Democrat
is on record against a US withdrawal

But there's also no doubt that the less
funded and more left campaigns, such as
the Greens, the Peace and Freedom and
others, will easily be won to this idea.

A clear, simple and appropriate demand
generally applicable at this time:


Walter Lippmann

Membership Card #1
Committee to End the War in Vietnam
Madison, Wisconsin (1965)

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