Radical Reconstruction

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Jul 10 09:55:02 MDT 2003

Devil in the details indeed!  Such a devil is notably absent from your
reference to a "long recession of 1872-1892." The term subsumes the
Panic of 1873 (and maybe the Panic of 1893) and the certainly very
different and fluctuating circumstances across the country at points
between 1872 and 1892. If you want details, why blur these things,
particularly given what you say you want to define--the end of "Radical

For my part, "Radical Reconstruction" means confiscations, land reform,
and equal rights.  Whether or not these would come out of the Civil War
seem to be settled way before your "long recession of 1872-1892" got
underway.  Of course, you might mean something different by Radical
Reconstruction, but you're not very forthcoming about your details.

Depending on what you mean, of course, it might be that the American
bourgeoisie never undertook any such thing as "Radical Reconstruction."
Many radical social legislation were proposed--or even adopted and left
unimplemented--because of pressures from outside of the bourgeoisie.
What do YOU mean by "Radical Reconstruction"?  However, I'd like to know
what radical social reforms seemed to come out of the war that were not
abandoned until the 1890s or 1880s or even 1872.

The devil that dwells in your details actually seems to abduct them on a
regular basis.


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