U.S. Army Baits Ambushers With Own Troops

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 10 10:32:48 MDT 2003

For what it's worth, here was my initial communication to the guy from BBC.

Briefly, here is my take on the situation:

1. Unlike Vietnam, there is no substantial layer of the population that
can be counted on to play the role of the Thieu dictatorship. The pro-US
government in Vietnam, despite its puppet character, could count on the
support of a layer of the population that had accrued privileges of one
sort or another during French and Japanese colonialism. When you factor
in the political vacuum in Iraq plus the thinness of the US occupying
forces, you have an extremely unstable situation.

2. Despite the determination of the Iraqi resistance to oust the USA, it
is also limited by a number of factors. It cannot depend on a powerful
patron like the USSR. It is also divided ethnically, religiously and
politically. Notwithstanding these problems, it also can draw upon
traditions of struggle going back to the early 1920s, when Arab
nationalism was first taking shape against the backdrop of the
Sykes-Picot treaty, etc.

3. The antiwar movement globally can play a decisive role in affecting
the outcome of this struggle. Already the wives of GI's based in Iraq
are calling for their removal and GI's themselves are questioning their
purpose there. This is only two months or so after "victory". It took
nearly 6 years for Vietnam to reach the stage of open GI protests that
seem ready to take shape right now. The GI's need to feel that they have
a backing of a substantial portion of the US population right now. It
will certainly help that both Bush and Blair are being exposed as
propagandists at best, and liars at worst.


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