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David Walters dwalters at
Thu Jul 10 10:37:58 MDT 2003

I never met a person in the GP in San Francisco (where Peter beat the
Republican candidate) who believed Peter's campaign was socialist...we
should give benefit to the Green Party...and it's supporters was a
GREEN campaign, not a red one in any shape.

Jose contends that Peter's campaign is something Lenin would support and/or
do...Jose, really,  I mean, as in "Lenin pulled out of a meeting of the
RCP's CC meeting in say, 1920 and plopped down at the Green Party
Convention?". His stroke would come on 3 years earlier and he'd be dead.
What kind of a comparison is this?

That Peter went to a MLK rally...on a State holiday voted into law by a
Republican governor and marched with dozens of other main stream candidates
is nothing to get a wild hair up, really. That Peter correctly supported or
highlighted some important positions effecting State politics here that are
being ignored by the Demos and Repubs also does  not make it a socialist
campaign. But I would think that a socialist WOULD highlight the direction a
left movement should take...and not just play to the immediate issues of the
elections as they are. This, in essence, is electoral cretinism, something
that effects even openly socialist groups both in the US and other
countries...the 'vote for me and I'll set you free' syndrome.

To properly discuss this I think one has to agree with a common set of goals
of a left and/or socialist election campaign. Obviously we have a difference
on the issue of a labor party and the union movement (as you do with your
comrades in Solidarity, obviously). That you identify the Teamsters with
Hoffa, or you argue that most Teamsters do...which is correct...he beat
Carey in an yes, most Teamsters do see Hoffa as representing
them I suppose...which is why you would of probably excluded yourself from
the Seattle events since since many or most of these IBTers supported Hoffa
too. Which is why I don't think you get it when it comes to "what is to be
done". I'd rather march with a MASS of IBT/Hoffa supporters on something I
generally agree with than only a 'FEW' "union militants" who oppose Hoffa.
My orientation would be toward ALL working people...and not some vanguard.

One can run an election campaign oriented toward only "the left" or the
'Green' sentiment.  I think any serious election campaign needs to point the
way toward a different set of politics...I don't believe either the GP or
Camejo really does that...but I also don't think that lacking something that
ties it altogether, which is the GP's biggest drawback, is an alternative
that's needed, even in the most non-socialist sense. That Peter got tons of
votes is great...I was happy for that because it gave both parties a black
eye. Right on! But that's hardly a political perspective which is why the GP
basically disappears between elections. . .and that is NOT something that
any socialist should support.

David Walters

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